Round 3 - Winners!
So, after checking the poll results, we have a winner: nhpw! :D

Congratulations to her and to everybody who participated in this round lrosemaunt and ladyhadhafang :))

It's been great to mod this Round- and I'm already looking forward to the next, in which I hope to participate as an author.

Thank you all and stay tuned for more news!

Voting ends today!
Just a quick note to let you know the voting period for Round 3 ends today- so hurry up if you still haven't voted! 

Voting (Second Take)

All right, I think I found a way of fixing the problem with the previous poll- with the kind suggestion of nhpw. Sorry for all the fuss, guys! And thanks for your patience :)

To make reading and voting easier, I'm providing links to the drabbles our participants in Round 3 have written:

 nhpw, themes
 nhpw, category and author's choice

In the poll you'll find the theme and name of the author with the character/pairing she has chosen- I hope this makes voting easier! Oh, and since this poll is getting published today (May 2), voting will be open for one week, until May 9. Enjoy!


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Voting begins today!

OK, guys, Round 3 comes to an end and it's time to vote! Thanks to everybody who participated- I hope you had a good time writing! We have a very interesting collection of drabbles, so now we must vote for the winners :)

Voting will be open until May 8th- and it's open to everybody. Please vote fair! You've got a full week to read the authors' contributions and maybe leave some feedback :)

Note: Participants have been listed in the poll in chronological order according to the moment of their posting.

EDIT: I'm taking the poll down because the links to the fics are not working. Please stand by- nhpw and I are trying to solve these technical difficulties- I'll send a new poll later today.

Thanks for your patience!

ladyhadhafang, round 3: genderswapped!Sam
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Thankfully I did manage to finish.

Submissions here.

Deadline extended
Bettie Page
nhpw and I have decided to grant an extension for those participants in Round 3 who still haven't posted their work, in the hope that a few more days will help them to wrap their drabbles up :)

So, all through the end of the month, you'll have time to post your contribution, and also read, review and enjoy everybody's writing!

lrosemaunt, Round 3: Tron/Sam
I thankfully did manage to finish. 

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NHPW, Round 3: Alan, Category and Author's Choice
alan bradley

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NHPW, Round 3: Alan, prompts
alan bradley
(Please tell me other people finished, too!  Pretty please?)

I got too wordy, I guess - LJ says my post is too large.  So I'll put up my submissions in two parts.

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Unfinished Submissions!
Yeah, I know. Life does get in the way of fanfiction over and over again.

If you couldn't finish in time, please enter a link to your unfinished submissions here! They won't be entered in the contest, but we will sure enjoy them! :)


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