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tron20in20's Journal

TRON 20in20 writing challenge
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TRON 20in20 writing challenge
tron20in20 This is a mixed media challenge. You can submit art, videos, icons, graphics of all kinds, fanmixes, poetry, and of course fics.
You'll get 20 prompts which have to be filled in 20 days (ish). At the end of those 20 days, all participants post their submissions in one post.

- All TRON universes, crossovers and RPF are welcome.
- Stories should be between 100 and 500 words in length.
- Videos should be at least two minutes long.
- For each prompt you can submit ONE fic/poem/art/graphic/song. ALL 20 prompts need to be filled to be a part of the contest. There will be an Unfinished Submissions Post at the end of the challenge for those who couldn't finish in time.

Claims can be a character, pairing or general fandom.


1st of the month: Challenges go out.
20th of the month: All stories must be posted.
21st - 25th: Voting goes up.
26th - 30th/31st: Voting ends, winners are announced and the next round's sign ups are posted.

The challenge takes place twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.

*The schedule may be changed due to extensions for the participants as well as simple mod!fail.

~ alan_sam_tron
~ tron_genfic
~ sam_quorra